Patrick Kilcrease
Product Manager

New York, NY
About me...
I’m a Product Manager with a deep analytical background. I get excited about new technologies and ideas, and I believe strongly in MVP. Strategy excites me as much as development - and I believe my team should test and validate concepts before writing code, while writing code, and when we’re done writing code.

Recently, I’ve:
-Led development of a custom-built CMS platform which doubled mobile conversions and improved site load time by over 50%
-Worked closely with UX and our users to create the strategy for a new landing-page product to overhaul our multivariate testing efforts
-Led development of a custom Salesforce1 Mobile Application built on a Big Data back-end with a $2.5 million NPV
-Guided strategy for a new Amex Small Business mobile app for a base of 4 million potential users
-Built an analytics dashboard for a $650 million investment pool

My skills include Product Management, Digital and Mobile Strategy, Analytics and Insights, Agile Development, Wire-Framing, Web Development, and Financial Modeling.

I have a hearty appetite for knowledge, something that has driven me to learn web development, pick up music production, and rack up a sizable Amazon bill from my Kindle. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about Product Management, Digital Strategy, Analytics and Insights, or even if you just want a solid book recommendation.
Phone: (845) 337-5514